How do I apply to Laurelwood Preschool?

All Registration is done by mail, on a lottery system based on postmark, so it is important to mail you forms and check on the date indicated on the registration form. Click here to view registration information.

What does tuition include?  

Tuition and registration cover all usual salary, tax and property-related expenses as well as your field trips, insurance fee, and classroom supplies.

Are there other fees I need to pay?

Registration Fee is $75.00 per family per year and is non-refundable.

Cleaning Deposit is $40 is refunded if you participate in the May cleaning day.

If my plans change during the spring or summer can I get a refund?

Your registration fee is non-refundable.

April & May Tuition is refundable if you withdraw by July 1st.

Why is April & May tuition collected so early? 

If students withdraw in the final four months of school, we do not fill their spots in class. As a non-profit school we still need to pay rent, salaries, insurance and taxes. Collecting these last two months early decreases the amount of tuition we would otherwise lose when families leave.  If you stay the whole year, you will already have your last two months paid.

I am planning to stay for the whole school year, but what if an unexpected move is required? What do I need to do?

The preschool needs four weeks notice for any withdrawal. You are required to complete your workdays and pay tuition for four weeks from your date of notice. There are no tuition refunds, unless you prepaid months. April & May tuition cannot be used for your last month’s tuition. If you withdraw early, April & May tuition is forfeited.

Is there a Fundraising requirement?

All families are required to contribute to and participate in our Annual Bake Sale held at Laurelwood Elementary during Open House.

How often will I get to work in the classroom?

EC Parents work about 16 days over the course of the year. – about once every 5th class day.

PK Parents work about 18 days over the course of the year. – about once every other week.

5 Day PK Parents work about 20 days over the course of the year. – about once every 5th class day.

Can I bring my other children to my workday? 

No.  Only children registered at the preschool may be in the classroom during the school day.  Siblings are not allowed on field trips.

What do I do if I can’t work on my workday?

If you are scheduled for a day can’t work for any reason you will need to arrange a trade with another parent. If a trade cannot be arranged there is a list of parents who are willing to work for you for a set fee.

Is there an opportunity to observe the classes in session?

Yes.  Please visit our Contact Us page to arrange on observation. Click here to browse to the Contact Us page.

Who is the best teacher?

All our teachers are loving, highly qualified, and have a great deal of experience. We encourage you to schedule an observation and visit the teachers page to read their bios.

Are you part of Laurelwood Elementary School?

No. Laurelwood Preschool is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian cooperative organization and we are not part of the Santa Clara Unified School District.  We do match our holidays to their calendar and use the elementary school’s restrooms and playground.

How is the work schedule determined? When will I know when I work?

The Business Manager creates a three to four month work schedule which is distributed to the parents about 2 weeks before the next schedule begins so that parents can plan accordingly.

What is the adult/student ratio?

EC, one teacher, 15 students, and 3 parents per class.

Pre-K, one teacher, 18 students, and 3 parents per class.

5 Day PK, one teacher, 15-18 students, and 2-3 parents per class.

Are snacks provided?

Parents take turns to provide healthy snacks for the children in the class. A snack parent is assigned as part of the schedule.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please visit our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Click here to browse to the Contact Us page.