5 Day Pre-K Teacher

PK+ will be focusing on STEAM curriculum.

Science   Technology   Engineering   Art   Math

This will be an integrated approach to learning that encourages students to think broadly about real problems.

Students will be inspired to ask questions and to think creatively.

Over the year we will be working on how each child can

  • Ask Questions
  • Make Connections
  • Problem Solve
  • Think Creatively
  • Be Innovative

What Does STEAM Look Like in Preschool?

  • In September, you may find us reading 10 Apples Up On Top (by Dr. Seuss)
  • We might try to stack 10 apples
  • If we fail, we will explore different ways to find or create something to stack 10 apples successfully
  • We may create apple trees
  • We could also taste apple varieties
  • Graph our favorites types
  • Pull out and count the seeds
  • Maybe explore what happens when we water the seeds

As we start a project we will grow together into our next activity/project. This educational approach to learning will use each component of STEAM to help guide students through dialogue, critical thinking and hands on learning.