Monthly Tuition Information   

Early Childhood Pre-Kindergarten 5 Day Pre-K
$200/month $255/month $460/month
Tuesday/Thursday Monday/Wednesday/Friday M/T/W/Th/F

Tuition Pays for teacher salaries, supplies, insurance, improvements, and rent.

Tuition Includes: materials fee, cooking fee, field trip fees, etc.

Payment of Tuition: 

PayPal link below. 

Mail check to the Tuition Collector at:         
 Laurelwood Preschool-Tuition
 P.O. Box 54238
 San Jose, CA 95154-4238

Deposit tuition in lockboxes in classrooms.

Summary of Fees and Tuition 


*April and May 2021 Tuition cannot be used if you withdraw before the end of the school year.