Enrollment Forms

Download the Admission forms from NeatSchool.net, complete and turn in.

  1. AFTER completing both the NeatSchool.net Enrollment & Registration please log into your account.
  2. Click on the “Documents” Link.
  3. Click on “Laurelwood Preschool” folder, under Facility Folders
  4. Click on “Admission Forms – To Download”
  5. Download Forms 2-9.
  6. Print & Fill-in all requested information on each form.
  7. Collect items 9, 11, & 12 from your health care provider. SUBMIT ONLY COPIES, not originals.
  8. Write your Student’s and Teacher’s Name on an envelope.
  9. Mail Tuition Check & Completed Forms in the envelope to:

Drop Off in Preschool Classrooms during regular preschool hours or

Mail to:  Laurelwood Preschool – Admission Forms PO. Box 54238 San Jose, CA 95154-4238

***Do Not take Forms to the Day Care or Elementary School Office***


Check for April 2017 Tuition & Cleaning Deposit or pay through Dwolla

(Tuition refunded ONLY if withdraw notice is given by 7/1/16 – regardless of admission date) Cleaning Deposit is fully refunded to all families who participate in May 2016 Cleaning Day. 
EC                  $195.00        = ($155 EC tuition + $40 Cleaning Deposit)
PK                  $260.00        = ($220 PK tuition + $40 Cleaning Deposit )
PK PLUS       $435.00        = ($175 PK Plus + PK $220 tuition +  $40 Cleaning Deposit)

A Laurelwood Preschool Admissions Agreement form (Download)
A Laurelwood Preschool Family Information form (Download)
A Statement of Responsibility, Privacy, Handbook Acknowledgement forms (Download)

An Acknowledgment of Parent’s Right Notification form (Download)

A State of California Personal Rights form (Download)

An Emergency Card  (Download)

A Disaster Release Card  (Download)

A Physical form (Download)  Submit a COPY, keep your original.  (Applies to new enrollees only)  Children need a physical completed by a doctor within one year of enrollment.

A Birth Certificate for the child.  Submit a COPY, keep your original.  (Applies to new enrollees only.)

Child Immunization History  Submit a COPY, keep your original.

Record must include the following minimum required dosages:  (Applies to new enrollees only)

DTP – 4 doses           
Polio – 3 doses                    
Measles, mumps, rubella – 1 dose

Hib Meningitis 1 dose           
Varicella – 1 dose
Hepatitis B3-dose series

ADULT Volunteer Immunizations: Submit a COPY, keep your original.

Any adult (parents, grandparent, babysitter, etc) who will be working in the classroom.

Adult TB Test  must be given within one year of enrolling at Laurelwood Preschool.

Adult Pertussis

Adult Measles