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3's Must be 3 by Dec. 1 2020 2 days Tuesday/Thursday
4's Must be 4 by Dec. 1 2020 3 days Monday/Wed/Friday
4's Must be 4 by Dec. 1 2020 5 days Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri

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Early Childhood
5 Day Pre-K  

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Volunteer Form

All families will serve at the preschool, either on the Preschool Board or with a Classroom Job, outside the assigned classroom work days.

Presides at all meetings, Helps prepare an annual budget, Helps hire new employees*
Fundraisers, Serves as an aide to the president*
Takes Minutes of all meetings, Conducts all necessary correspondence*
Helps Prepare budget, Pays bills, Record receipts & reimbursements*
Recruiting fairs, promoting the school, observations*
Responsible for on-line presence, posting often to Facebook, etc.
Receives and records tuition and deposits in the bank*
Maintains Laurelwood Preschool website*
Create monthly & annual calendar, updating events on share sites*
Responsible for purchasing and distributing the party items
Responsible for organizing items for preschool meetings: refreshments, etc.*
Creates & maintains Share Sites. Co-ordinates class pictures, orders yearbooks, heads committee of classroom yearbook representatives
Collects & places book orders
sells and orders t-shirts, assists VP
Helps families who enter the preschool after school starts, assists teachers
Takes photos of class events, coordinates uploading of photos to share site from all parents
Makes sure preschool banners on fences are up and in good condition

* Attendance at Monthly Board Meeting Required

Total Due with Registration: May 2021 tuition plus the $75 registration fee: $